IDeal parts and service is IDeal for buy-here-pay-here operations doing service work for their customers. Shop tickets can be added directly to a loan, paid by cash, or sent to accounts receivable automatically. Warranty repairs, whether inhouse or outside company, are no problem.

No more need for pre-printed forms. Shop tickets print on plain paper so you can print the Customer copy that contains retail prices, the dealer copy that includes cost figures or print Repair estimates that can be quickly modified into the actual Repair Order.
The service history is maintained by vin number so that you can have a complete service history even if the car has had different owners.

Adding parts to service tickets is easy, pull from inhouse parts inventory or enter parts ordered from local suppliers and the accounts payable is automatically created in accounting. A returned parts list is kept so you can verify the credit memos received and generate the correct accounts payable entry.

Assign a different price markup to each service ticket type (retail, internal, wholesale, warranty) or to individual supply vendors, then let the system do the calculations for you.

Printed reports make figuring service tech payroll and commission a breeze.

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