The Inventory Module is fully integrated with other system modules, which increases the value of information. How much time and money is saved, if the entry of vehicle information in Inventory, could automatically generate an accounting entry to record the purchase and still easily be pulled into a customers vehicle screen by either entering the stock number or selecting it from a list?

Match your customers' needs to your inventory by combining the Find and Filter function and the on screen sorting features. By highlighting the oldest vehicles, the system allows you to better manage your inventory turnover.

Save by printing your own window stickers and buyers guides. IDeal also has a wide variety of printed reports.

The IDeal system gives you both access and control. You can easily access vehicle cost information, floorplan information and repair history (to include flags for open R/Os). Plus the control to restrict your sales staffs access to cost information.

IDeal simplifies Internet Marketing by storing and managing inventory images. With the push of a button you can upload your inventory to an IDS built web site or online marketer.

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