Innovative's F&I module is designed with a finely balanced blend of Simplicity, Speed, and Functionality.  One simple click moves you between customer, finance, vehicle, and forms screens.  Combining pre-set data entry and specialty functions add up to fast deliveries.
IDeal's unique ability to expedite the sale and improve efficiency ensures the capture of every opportunity.  Secure additional profits by using IDeal's selling tools.   'Offer all your Products to Every Customer' with IDeal's integrated Menu Selling Tools and watch your reserve penetration increase!

  • Weekly to Annual payments
  • Balloon to Whole payments
  • Rollbacks
  • Life & AH
  • Recap - incl. front & back end profits
  • Commission Vouchers
  • Multiple Trades
  • Laser Forms
  • Amortization Schedules
  • Lease calculations
  • Quick Quote
  • Credit Bureau's
  • Credit App Info
  • Customer Follow-up
  • Reports
  • Plus many other features.

This extremely flexible and feature rich application blankets your F&I department. Innovative's firm grasp of F&I principles has created the 'IDeal' software for your dealership!

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