IDeal Accounting is a fully functioning accounting system that caters to the unique demands of an automotive business. A true Single Entry system that creates accurate, consistent accounting entries automatically when an accountable transaction is entered into the system.

Get your financial statements when you want them not when your accountant has the time to prepare them.

When a deal is delivered all the required accounting entries are generated to record the sale. All necessary Payables and Receivables, Income and Cost of Sale entries are created, Inventory is adjusted for the sale of the car and the addition of any trades. The entry is created in vehicle sales where you can review the entry and post it to the books.

The analyze function in Accounts Payable and Accounts Recievable give you a quick summary of who owes you and who you owe.

Quickly and Easily Reconcile all of your Bank and Credit Card accounts.

Print both standard and payroll checks.

Cash down Receipts are recorded in Cash Clearing awaiting the completion of the sale.

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